You Can’t Rush Good Pizza


Anyone who knows something about anything is sure to tell you that you can’t rush good pizza. This is probably the most absolute rule in the whole of the universe. But don’t fret because we’ve got plenty of time and I’ve been making pizza for a decent portion of my short life.

Things you may want:

A pizza stone

A pizza cutter

some olive oil

an oven

perhaps an oven mit.

There are two stages to making a good pizza. First you make the crust and then you tackle the toppings.

To make the crust you’ll need these ingredients:

  • 1 packet of Active Dry Yeast (about 2 1/4 t.)
  • 1 t. of Sugar
  • 1 t. of Salt
  • 2 T. of Vegetable Oil
  • 1 C. Warm water
  • 2 1/2 C. Flour (omit salt if using ‘self rising flour)

First get a small bowl and put your warm water into it. Take the yeast you have set aside and dissolve it into the warm water.











After the yeast has dissolved stir in the remaining ingredients and beat vigorously for about 20 strokes. You’re now going to let your dough rest for approximately five minutes. It’s best to cover dough with a a wet towel or plastic wrap to ensure it maintains its moisture while rising. The time you let this dough sit is so short that any cover should do. Start pre-heating your oven to 425° F.










Take your pizza stone (or cookie sheet if you’re an ill-equipped college student) and coat it with a layer of corn meal. You can substitute with flour if in dire straights but trust me when I say that corn meal is the way to go.





Next you’re going to oil up your hands (preferably with olive oil), take that lump of dough out of your bowl, and place it in the center of your stone. Now you’ll begin pushing it from the inside out in a rocking motion using the wider, rounder, parts of your hands. Like this:






After you’ve kneaded your dough to the edges of your stone poke it with a fork all over to eliminate any bubbles that may form during the pre-bake.

 You’re going to put it in the oven you should have pre-heated to 425° F and let it bake for a few minutes until it just begins getting golden.IMG_1427

I was slightly distracted so I took mine out just a little early but it turned out just fine in the end.

Next you’ll top the pizza with whatever your heart desires and bake it in your oven that is still set at 425° F for 20-25min or until the cheese is golden-brown. In this I’ve made a Hawaiian style pizza.

Generic Sauce and Cheese

The Sauce

1 14.5oz. can of Tomato Sauce

1 6oz. can of Tomato Paste

Oregano, Italian Seasoning, Garlic, Salt and anything else to taste

For Cheese in general I use Cheddar (Medium or Sharp), Mozzarella, and Parmesan. The Cheddar and Mozzarella will always be the majority at about 5 C. shredded but the balance between the two shifts to facilitate my desired flavor. The Parmesan is usually somewhere between a half and full cup every time.

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