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Bar Art: Something I do.

I, like many burgeoning hipsters, have a messenger bag. Inside this bag I keep small canvases and acrylic paint pens amongst other things. When I find myself at a bar hanging out I end up painting on these canvases whatever comes to mind. This post is simply a photoset of a few of these paintings. I felt I haven’t been giving enough attention to my site.

Paint Nite – My Painting and a Review

Paint Nite

What I did for a social art event titled “Paint Nite” in which people come to paint an already painted picture, drink, and be social. It’s definitely not for those who consider themselves trained to some level in art. I felt slightly offended that it was set up to be a ‘step-by-step’ painting experience. Yet for the group of friends or couple who are just looking for something new and creative to do this is a perfectly safe option.